15 FEB 2018

"All users are informed that, the new version of MSR for Part-I (Revenue) has been uploaded."

31 JAN 2018

"Field formations are informed that from this Month onwards : 1) DDM-CUS-1 has been modified with new column i.e 'IGST-REFUND' and this is to be uploaded since the Month of July-2017 onwards. 2) DDM-ST-1 has been restarted,so field formations are requested to upload the data since the Month of July-2017 onwards. 3) DRI-CUS-7 has been modified with new group i.e 'Recovery by way of disposal of goods' which is to be uploaded from the current Month,i.e, Jan-2018.

22 NOV 2017

"All CC Zones/DGSTI are requested to transfer the legacy data from Pre GST Commissionerates to Post GST Commissionerates under PMM module."

06 OCT 2017

"Zonal Chief Commissioners are requested to get the MPRs uploaded/validated for the month of July 2017, August 2017 and September 2017. The status of MPRs uploading AS on 06:11:2017 at 6:00 PM. Click Here to Download."

28 SEPT 2017

"Columns for Upto the Month Current Year and Upto the Month Last Year data for the MPRs, wherever applicable, for the month of July, 2017 have now been opened for uploading and validate by the Commissionerates / Directorates. Please upload the relevant data for the month of July, 17 and validate the same by 06th October, 2017 Only after completing this exercise all India, you will be allowed to validate MPRs for August, 2017."

14 SEPT 2017

"On the Cccasion of Hindi Diwas 14th September Honorable Home Minister and the Finance Minister's Message and Appeal by our Commissioner."

08 SEPT 2017

"Uploading of MPRs (Part-I to Part-IX) has been resumed. Now, Field Formations are able to upload July'17 MPRs."

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